Health and Safety Program

Power Piping maintains a highly effective safety and health program for all its personnel on every job site. Power Piping recognizes that talented, safe and healthy employees are valuable asset. The execution of our health and safety programs provides each employee a safe and healthy work environment.

Power Piping does not knowingly permit personnel to perform work in an unsafe manner, nor expose personnel to an unsafe or unhealthy environment. Correspondingly, Power Piping does not tolerate employees disregarding any company, client, Federal, State or local government requirements or regulations.

Power Piping understands that a safety program with successful outcomes assures our employees, customers, and the public the highest quality performance and outcomes. The major elements of our safety program are to:

  • Protect all employees from occupational injury or illness;
  • Protect the public and the environment from adverse consequences due to our operations;
  • Hold all employees accountable for compliance with all applicable safety and environmental rules and regulations;
  • Achieve zero employee injuries and illnesses;
  • Comply with all Federal, State, and local laws. Externally imposed regulations governing our work are considered minimum requirements. Power Piping often sets higher standards;
  • Promptly and thoroughly investigate all serious accidents and develop improved procedures designed to reduce the likelihood of recurrence while communicating closely with our clients;
  • Strive for continuous improvement of the safety and health programs through a process of monitoring and adjustment;
  • Provide training in safe work practices and procedures and educate employees at all levels, including management to the importance of applying this training both on and off the job;
  • Involve employees in all aspects of the safety process;
  • Reward positive safety performance.

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