Equipment Installation
  • Rotating Equipment; Pumps, Air Preheaters, Blowers, Chillers, Coal Feeders, Agitators, FD and ID Fans, etc.
  • Pressure Vessels; Stripper Columns, Feedwater Heaters, Reboilers, Deaerators, Gas Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Steam Drums, Condensate Receivers, Blow-Down Tanks, Aqueous Ammonia Tanks, etc.
  • Skid Mounted Equipment: Dessicant Dryers, Control Panels, Valve and Metering
  • Skids, Filters, Strainers, Sample Panels, Compressors, Chemical Feeders, Vaporizers, etc.
  • Speciality Equipment: Filter Press, Wet Surface Air Coolers, Sootblowers, Lime Storage Silos, Hydraulic Power Units, Valve Stands, Blast Furnace Cooling Plates, etc.

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