Piping Systems
  • Power Piping has fabricated and installed systems with diameters up to 96”, wall thicknesses over 6”, in carbon steel, low alloy steel (including P-91), nickle alloys, and stainless steel materials.
  • Fabrication and installation of new and replacement High Energy Piping Systems for the Power Industry are a specialty of the Power Piping Company.
  • Power Piping has extensive experience in nonmetallic piping including, FRP, PVC, CPVC, HDPE, and Lined Piping.
Boiler Installation
  • Expertise in new boiler installation includes complete Heat Recovery Steam Generators, and package boilers.
  • Our extensive expertise in High Energy Piping is particularly suited to installation of boiler pressure components.
Power Generation/Environmental Projects

Piping and equipment installation for environmental projects including SCR, SNCR, FGD, Dry Sorbent and associated Water Treatment Plant. Expertise includes extensive work on nonmetallic piping for FGD Vessels and Water Treating Plants.

Coal Bunker/Hopper Modifications
  • Renovation of hoppers for mass flow conversion projects including constructability reviews, budgeting, optimization of fabrication, reinforcement of existing structural members, installation of new feeder decks, structural steel, posimetric feeders and new hoppers.
  • Repair and replacement of bunkers and hopper structural steel.
  • Installation of carbon and stainless steel, and Tivar linings.
Platforms and Pipe Bridges
  • Fabrication and installation of pipe bridges and platforms are performed in conjunction with piping system or equipment installation.
Equipment Installation
  • Rotating Equipment; Pumps, Air Preheaters, Blowers, Chillers, Coal Feeders, Agitators, FD and ID Fans, etc.
  • Pressure Vessels; Stripper Columns, Feedwater Heaters, Reboilers, Deaerators, Gas Coolers, Heat Exchangers, Steam Drums, Condensate Receivers, Blow-Down Tanks, Aqueous Ammonia Tanks, etc.
  • Skid Mounted Equipment: Dessicant Dryers, Control Panels, Valve and Metering
  • Skids, Filters, Strainers, Sample Panels, Compressors, Chemical Feeders, Vaporizers, etc.
  • Speciality Equipment: Filter Press, Wet Surface Air Coolers, Sootblowers, Lime Storage Silos, Hydraulic Power Units, Valve Stands, Blast Furnace Cooling Plates, etc.
Boiler Maintenance
  • Pressure Part Components replacement including superheat, reheat, and economizer headers, pendants, and radiant wall tubes.
  • Crack repair of pressure parts including installation of patch plates.
  • Repair and/or replacement of boiler components including:
    • Air Preheater Baskets and Seals
    • Low Nox Burners
  • Coal Bunker Repairs and Relining
  • Coal Pipe Replacement
  • Feedwater Heater Replacement
  • Damper Linkage
  • Expansion Joints
  • Primary and Secondary Air Ducts
  • F.D. & I.D. Fans
  • Precipitator Internals
  • Water Wall Tubes
  • Radiant Wall Tubes
  • Soot Blowers
Pressure Vessel Repair/Replacement
  • Repair and replacement of ASME Section VIII Pressure Vessels.
  • Gas Coolers, Stripper Columns, Absorber Columns, Deaerators, Heat Exchangers, Re-Boilers, Receivers, Chemical Tanks.
  • Primary Coolers – 13 to 14 ft diameter x 85 ft tall, demolish & replace.
  • Final Cooler – 18 ft diameter x 100 ft tall, shell replacements and S/S lining installations.
  • Repair & Replacement of large presure vessels in an operating plant environment.
  • Tube Trays
  • Instrument Stands, Racks, Cabinets, and Panels
  • Calibration

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